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About Me

My approach begins with empathy and warm acceptance, which I believe are some of the most important ingredients of a healing relationship - ones that help us feel loved and understood by others. I value open-heartedness and humor as integral parts of the work. My work is trauma-informed and inspired by a wide range of somatic, creative, and body-based approaches, including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Process Work, and IFS (Internal Family Systems). 

Affirming of sexual and gender diversity. I welcome and celebrate the broad spectrum of identities that exist around sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, and relationship style. My goal is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for ALL people, including LGBTQIA+ identified people and those in poly & kink communities.

Racial justice allied. The legacy of white supremacy is real and has a negative impact on the mental health of everyone. I recognize the layer of race-based trauma that people of color must bear. I support the work we must all do to dismantle that legacy and embrace the changes needed to move toward a more equitable society.

Appreciative of all things art and feline. I love cats, most especially my cat Sammy. I am in the midst of exploring my artistic side – I enjoy jewelry-making, silversmithing, and beading, as well as experimenting with various mixed media when inspiration strikes.

Kerri Green MFT, Palo Alto, CA

Professional Affiliations

  • CAMFT (CA Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)

  • Bay Area Open Minds: Therapists Affirming Sexual and Gender Diversity

  • EMDRIA (EMDR International Association)


I offer sliding scale spots to those in need. Please ask about availability when we speak.

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Health Insurance

I do not accept insurance. If you have a PPO plan with out-of-network benefits, you may be able to get reimbursed for a portion of your therapy expenses. I can provide a monthly receipt (called a "superbill") which you can submit directly to your insurance company.

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