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Couples Therapy

To feel fully seen, heard, and valued: These are core needs we all have as human beings; ones that help us feel safe, supported, and connected to others. Couples therapy is a supportive way to help both of you get these core needs met in your romantic relationship. 


I have a particular interest in, and experience working with, new couples who wish to work together on recurring, dysfunctional relationship patterns. You may have noticed the same kinds of patterns and themes showing up in all of your previous relationships, and now you would like to prevent them from happening again in this relationship.

In couples therapy you can:

•    Improve your communication and listening skills

​•    Practice expressing your needs and understanding each others' perspectives

•    Increase your ability to negotiate and reach compromise

•    Learn how to support each other in stressful times

•    Create a shared dream for your future together


My approach draws upon my training in methods such as Gottman Method, PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Hakomi. 

Please note: I have no openings for couples at this time.

Couples Therapy
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