Making Life Change

Humans can be creatures of habit. Sometimes, the fear of change can be paralyzing. Have you found yourself remaining in relationships, jobs, or a career long past the time you realized your unhappiness? Do you have dreams and goals that you haven't had the time or energy to pursue yet? Have you found yourself in the middle of an unanticipated or stressful life event? 


Life is short. It's never to late to take a look at things in your life that aren't working for you, and make a plan for change. Process disappointment, grief, and loss. Work on decision-making and defining goals for the future. And move with intention toward the next phase of your life.

Issues include:

  • Decision-making paralysis

  • Uncertainty about life path

  • Job or career change

  • Getting married

  • Getting a divorce

  • Difficulty leaving a relationship

  • Identity exploration

  • Age-related life stages & transitions

  • Grief & loss

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