Online Therapy (Telehealth)

Today's turbulent atmosphere can be distressing on so many levels. There's no doubt people are in need of emotional support right now. Understandably, you may feel uncertain about beginning psychotherapy online. But, although the experience is a bit different than sitting together in the same room, I've found that my clients and I feel just as connected virtually as we would in-person. Clients are experiencing the same growth, change, and progress online - with the added benefit of access from anywhere in California, minus the commute!


As a Certified Telemental Health provider, I am confident in my ability to provide somatic and EMDR techniques online if it is deemed appropriate for your care. A phone consult and our first few sessions will help us determine what's best for your needs.

If you find yourself struggling with increased anxiety and depression, stress, isolation, strained relationships, trauma, or grief at this time, you're not alone. Perhaps it's a good time to reach out for support. Book a free phone consult to learn more about how online therapy could work for you.

Certified Telemental Health Provider. Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area and all of California with online therapy.

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