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Relationship Therapy for Individuals


Thrive in Relationships

Do you feel unseen or unheard in your relationships? Do you have trouble asking to get your needs met, personally and professionally? Is communication with your partner difficult or confusing? Do you find yourself in the same hurtful relationship patterns over and over again?


Relationship therapy for individuals focuses on overcoming communication problems, developing authentic connections with others, coming forward in personal and professional relationships, and learning how to discern between healthy and unhealthy relationships. It is also a safe space for examining toxic dynamics that may be occurring in your current relationships, and/or  processing trauma from previous toxic or abusive relationships. 

​Issues Include:

  • People-pleasing

  • Saying "no" causes anxiety

  • Difficulty asserting boundaries

  • Caretaking others at the expense of self-care

  • Fear of rejection or abandonment

  • Social anxiety

  • Codependency patterns

  • Toxic and abusive relationship dynamics

  • Leaving unhealthy relationships

Trauma Therapist Oakland
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