Somatic Psychotherapy


Somatic psychotherapy is a holistic approach that takes into account the functional unity of the body and the mind.


From this perspective, the "soma" (body) and the "psyche" (mind) are integral aspects of a whole which cannot truly be separated. Simply including the whole body in the psychotherapy provides an expanded toolbox for addressing anxiety, depression, PTSD, unresolved trauma, and the myriad of common life issues for which people seek therapy.

Drawing upon my studies in methods such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Hakomi, and EMDR, I incorporate mindfulness-based approaches to therapy that can support your innate capacity to heal from the wounds of the past.

Somatic therapy can help you:


  • Access emotions and memories. Exploration of physical sensations, images, and gestures can allow deeper access to emotions and memories than talk therapy alone. 


  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression while increasing your capacity to engage more fully in the world. 


  • Clear blocks to moving forward that keep you stuck in old patterns and indecision.


  • Safely process trauma. Traumatic memories can be processed in small, manageable pieces, allowing the body to heal without feeling overwhelmed.


  • Experience yourself as a whole being. Integration of body and mind can be truly empowering.


Most importantly, our process will be tailored to meet your needs and comfort level. You always have a choice in how you would like to do the work. 

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