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Trauma and PTSD


What is trauma?

“Trauma” is a term used to describe any experience that is overwhelming to the nervous system. When this happens, our bodies automatically go into "fight/flight/freeze" mode to try to protect ourselves, leaving the experience unprocessed. Unresolved traumatic memories can then remain "stuck" in our bodies long past the time of the original occurrence. This may leave us with exaggerated responses to everyday life stressors, difficulties navigating jobs and relationships, and blocks to realizing our full life potential.


Some common symptoms of Trauma and PTSD include:


  • Activation in relationships

  • Intrusive memories, flashbacks, or nightmares

  • Feeling emotionally numb or shut down

  • Easily startled or jumpy

  • Feeling detached from sense of self or physical body

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Persistent fear, guilt, shame, sadness, depression, anxiety

  • Ruminating thoughts about events and your part in what happened

  • Self-criticism and self-blame

EMDR Therapy for Trauma Resolution >>


It is possible to reduce trauma responses, and find more calmness and contentment in your life. 

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