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EMDR Intensives

In addition to a traditional weekly therapy format, I am preparing to offer EMDR extended sessions and intensives, both by telehealth and in-person in New Mexico.


Research has shown that extended sessions and intensive formats can work just as well as weekly therapy, but it is possible to achieve results faster. 


Whether you feel like weekly therapy is too challenging to fit in to your already demanding schedule, or if you simply seek more focused support and faster results right away, EMDR extended sessions and intensives may be a good option for you.

Add your name to my EMDR intensives waitlist here:

Your privacy is important and respected. The information you provide will be used only to contact you regarding your inquiry. You will not be added to any marketing lists. 

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Address and work through layers of traumatic memory faster and more efficiently than weekly therapy with an EMDR intensive format.

Set up a free phone consult to learn more!

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